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As we approached the end of our first full season, the orchestra collectively reflected on what made the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra experience feel so satisfying. We presented six unique programs, premiered four new compositions through our composer-residency program, and collaborated with local visual artists, poets, and nonprofits. Our first season was a busy one, filled with laughter, creativity, hard work, and passion. In this flurry of excitement, we know that it wasn’t simply the music that fulfilled us – it was the community that we built.

In our second season, Towards the Sea, we will present four unique concerts, featuring our newest young composer-in-residence, Cody Forrest. These programs include a new work inspired by the life of pirate "Black Sam" Bellamy, a commemorative piece for the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, a benefit concert in December for the Alzheimer's Family Support Center of Cape Cod, and more stunning music played by our talented CCCO musicians. 

We believe that Cape Cod deserves programming that not only supports young professional musicians, but also celebrates the cultural gems of our community. We are dedicated to becoming a cornerstone of arts on the Cape through classical music that emphasizes collaboration and inclusion. If you are able, please consider a tax deductible gift today to honor the value of the music and join us on this mission to re-invigorate classical music on Cape Cod. With your help, there will be a lot more music in store for years to come, and a closer community because of it.



Matthew Scinto, Founder & Music Director


Towards the Sea

Help us reach our $25,000 goal

for Season Two and support Cape Cod's collaborative orchestra. 


Giving Levels

$50+: Patron of the CCCO

Become a patron of the CCCO and help support our costs to print tickets and programs for our concerts. Receive a complimentary concert ticket of your choosing.

$100+: Friend of the CCCO

Become a friend of the CCCO and help support our music rental and printing fees for each of our concerts. Receive two complimentary concert tickets, free concert audio (CD and/or digital), and recognition online and in our concert program.

$250+: Partner of the CCCO

Become a partner of the CCCO and sponsor a musician for one of our concerts. Receive three complimentary concert tickets, free concert audio (CD and/or digital), recognition online and in our concert program.

$500+: Virtuoso of the CCCO

Become a virtuoso of the CCCO and help cover our venue and rental fees. Receive four complimentary concert tickets, free concert audio (CD and/or digital), entry to our rehearsals, recognition online and in our concert program, and an invitation for up to two guests to a private post concert reception.

$1000+: Maestro's Circle

Join the Maestro's Circle of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra with your $1000 contribution and receive all the benefits of the Virtuoso level PLUS a private dinner with CCCO conductor Matthew Scinto or other artistic staff.

The Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all contributions are fully tax- deductible. 

Thank you to our season two supporters!

                 Judy Askew               

Ty Mak

                                               Keith Bradley                                              

                          Chien-Ching Juan                           

                                 Dr. Carol A. Callahan                                  

                  Dick & Sally Smith                  

                Susan Cartmell & Peggy O’Connor               

                                    Robin Shaw                                  

                                                   Bill Crowell                                                 

Maureen Yamin

                                   Fred & Alice Drifmeyer                                 

Joan Davis

                                      Al & Barbara Eaton                                     

Francis Callahan

                                            Carol Rawlins                                             

Janet Cymbala

                                              John Leathers                                               

Molly Chapman

                                         Marion Mangels                                         

 Maureen & Jack Rafferty

                                                Karin Larson                                               

Bob & Joanna Noonan

                                                 Ann Tucker                                                 

Len & Denise Scinto

                                   Beverly Nightingale                                   

Julia LaFemina

                                        Michael Scinto                                           

Pam & Rick Weiler

                                          Steve Clouther                                             

Joseph Downing

                                         Jan Steenbrugge                                         

Michael Tybursky

                                           Joan Rosazza                                             

Brian & Linda Barlaam

                                        Jonathan Trudell                                         

 Cristie & Stan Krauss

                                        Kathy Rosenblum                                         

Monika Woods

                                  Debbie & Dan Viens                                   

Cody Engstrom

                                           Sarah Gagnon                                             

Daniel Dickson

                                                Karen Luttik                                                 

Fred Willard

                                                 Ida Trebicka                                                 

Mark Thorton

Lucy Banner

Lois Pelletier

Lisa Overton

Gil Stone

Lucy Banner

Judy Ivester


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Matthew Scinto, Music Director